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My Top 5 Favorite T-drama actors

Now, this list i don’t have any difficulty completing because if in Korea, we have a veritable treasure trove of K-drama actresses as compared to actors who would literally knock you off your feet in terms of talent, i think it’s the other way around for Taiwan as they have such good actors whom i sometimes feel are really wasted on shallow, sugar glazed idol dramas.

However, suffice it to say that even if i was able to complete this list, if you would make this a Top 10 countdown, i think i would still fall short as  i personally think that compared to these actors that i have enumerated, the others are already far behind in terms of ranking. 

At number 5: Jerry Yan


For purely sentimental reasons, Jerry Yan would forever be in my list even if there are soooo many new actors who are sprouting left and right in the T-drama landscape.


Simply because he opened my eyes to the fact that not only Hollywood actors can be hot but that Asian actors can also be total dreamboats and that they are just as spazzworthy.

Me discovering Jerry Yan was like Columbus finding out the new world and the fact that the earth is round.

He filled me with so much awe and excitement during the Meteor Garden Days that i swear there was a time that my computer contains more pictures of him than that of myself, my friends, my boyfriend and family members. 

He brought me to tears as Dao Ming Sz, made my stomach flip flopped that i can’t help but squeal whenever i see his mug anywhere, true story. I have so many Jerry Yan stories where i literally was a total crazed fangirl for him that looking back on those days now i can’t help but laugh at it and at myself. 

After all, he is totally deserving of all that attention and love because if you can rock leopard vests and pineapple haircuts, then there’s no denying the fact, you really MUST be goodlooking even if we bring that case to the judge and turn the whole world upside down.

At number 4: Ethan Ruan


The sex appeal that this man exudes is so dangerous it should be considered lethal.

Got a bad boy with a heart of gold role that’s been stewing somewhere there in the backburner?

Give it to Ethan.

He does such justice in roles that require him to be a total bad ass but then when he does his cutesy faces and smile you can’t help but melt and want to take him home to Mommy.

If Taiwan would have their own version of James Dean, i have no doubt that Ethan would be it.

Now is it still any wonder that he’s got the heart of one of the prettiest faces in the Taiwanese drama industry who has remained loyal to him for years?

I bet no matter what he does, Tiffany would still stick to him like glue because with that sexiness?

Man, i have no doubt that this is one man worth really keeping.

At Number 3: Ming Dao


If Ethan wins in appeal, Ming Dao trumps all of them when it comes to being adorable.

He is not the typical fair skinned actor that one would go crazy for but i guess it’s his swarthy good looks that also make him a stand out.

Ming Dao’s strength is in knowing the projects that would suit him.

I have never yet seen him act in a drama which i find boring or uninteresting and this works for him in a very good way because when you think of a good drama you normally associate it with the actors who played the lead roles in it, hence his popularity.

I loved this guy in Magicians of Love, adored him in Frog Prince and felt for him in Zhong Wu Yan.

Though he’s now in hot water because of the military evasion rumors that’s been swirling around him i really couldn’t care less or give a damn as long as i get to see him act in a new drama again.

At number 2: Joseph Chang 


Hot Damn.

If you need a real man then this is the guy for you.

Seriously, Joseph Chang, i know you’re way above the shallowness and illogical mess that was Drunken to Love You but still… thank you for doing that drama because otherwise i would not have gotten the luck to get to know you.

You have to watch him in action to see what i mean.

The way that he stares can really send any girls heart pounding.

A true actor in every sense.

He gives that coffeehouse indie film actor vibe when you see him and it may very well have been true because he has such great acting chops.

No matter how stupid DTLY got in the middle to the last episodes, this guy still acted his way through that that it could have been Oscar material if only for the way he played his role.

And at number 1: Would it be any surprise if i say that it is Bolin Chen?


Call it flavor of the month.

A passing whimsy, a fleeting dalliance.

I barely know the guy but for now i’m just going with what my heart is saying that he trumps everyone else in my list as of this moment because I LOVEEEEEEE HIM.



I know that most of Taiwan and Asia are now all getting gung ho over nabbing their very own Da Ren Ge’s and to that, much credit is due to Bolin for giving such a realistic portrayal of the perfect flawed man that everyone is now dreaming of such a guy to also exist in their lives.

If an actor can already elicit such heartwrenching heartbreak by just looking at someone longingly and by giving a heartfelt smile then that means he truly is an ACTOR in the truest sense of the word.

It doesn’t hurt that he is simply divine and that he has dimples that i can drown myself in because he’s just so adorable that i could die.


Bolin, i love you.

Come to me and let this jie jie love you for now until eternity. 

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