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Full transcript of Lee Dong Wook talking about his ideal type on SBS Power FM radio

Lee Dong Wook says he will celebrate all sorts of occasions with his girlfriend.  He added, “On her birthday, he will make all sorts of preparation beforehand but he will feign ignorance, although it’s nothing special, she’ll be very happy.”  He pointed out : “I will be the first to confess (my love), it’s basic courtesy.  I don’t quite believe in love at first sight, I believe a relationship is built on knowing each other for a period of time.  And once he feels that both have feelings for each other, he’ll confess.”

Lee Dong Wook says : “If there’s parental objection, he has the confidence to take it to the end with his girlfriend.  My parents don’t really bother me much about my love life.”

When asked about being tied down when dating : “It has never happened and I don’t think it will ever happen.  When I’m dating someone, I’ll not look at any other (girl).  The longest I’ve dated is 4 years, shortest 2 years.”  This shows his sincerity and genuineness.

A caller asks if there’s an actress of his ideal type in the industry?  LDW says : “Yes.  It’s Lee Young Ae.”  Comparing Kim Suna and Lee Young Ae,

LDW says, “Right now, it’s Kim Suna, my Yeon Jae.”  This shows his deep love for Lee Yeon Jae’s character.  

cr: etee7114@soompi

Now that i’ve read the full translation, all the more that I adore the fact that he just didn’t say it’s Yeon Jae as if it’s a form of fanservice.  He said Kim Sun Ah’s name first and then put in that last comment about him being his Yeon Jae like it’s some form of affection.  :)

I love it!:wub:

(and yes, that was really his expression when he said it… The smile is killing me and the way that he seemed so shy about it! Sunah is like a giddy high school girl, he is like a schoolboy with a crush).

'Nuff said.

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