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I have more otps than life ambitions

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"This guy’s warmth, this guy’s tears, this guy’s sincerity, made me feel at ease. It felt like I’ve been wandering around somewhere, but finally, being able to straighten my legs and fall asleep. ‘It’s okay to sleep comfortably, it’s not your fault.’ I felt like he was telling me that."

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This scene?

This killed me.

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After weeks and weeks of tuning in to Discovery of Romance…

Just coasting along, watching mostly for Eric’s hotness and finding it’s meandering quite senseless, goddamit Episode 10 made me see it’s point.


And now i’m hurting in places and crying rivers.

Don’t get me wrong, i still think it could have taken 4 episodes rather than 10 for me to get there but still the feels were too much for me to handle.

Now i can’t wait to see how i’d begin to love the characters again when i thought i was already beginning to hate them.

PS: With how he manned up in this episode? I swear Tae Ha is already halfway there.

When drama characters won’t admit their feelings to each other even though it’s so obvious

When drama characters won’t admit their feelings to each other even though it’s so obvious

  • Me: This drama fucked me up so bad i cried for hours.
  • Me: Here. Watch it!


"Why the fuck am i even crying? "

— Literally me in all the dramas i’m watching
  • Me: ugh! This male lead is such a dickhead to the female lead, i wanna see him in distress and in tremendous emotional pain.
  • *character undergoes distress and tremendous emotional pain*
  • Me: NOOOOOOO!!! I take it back! My poor baby, drama pleassseeee!!! *cries rivers of tears*

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