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Most of the content on my blog are either my own musings that i just want to share out to the world or my own spin on popular memes as taken from an asian drama addicts perspective. However, please feel free to click on submit if you have any submissions especially for the LIFE AS TOLD IN AN ASIAN DRAMA, DONNAPIES ASIAN DRAMA INSPIRED MEMES and THAT AWKWARD ASIAN DRAMA MOMENT SECTION. I'd be more than glad to feature your suggestions.
Self restraint, you fair weathered bitch you!

I told you to look out for me so that i can wait till tomorrow to watch tonights episode of Fated To Love You in all its subbed glory, but oh no! At the first sight of a screencap you gave in right away much like how any high schooler would immediately drop their panties if a member of 1 direction asked them for a blow job.

I used to be patient and incorruptible but this drama has turned me to the dark side.

Seriously, this must be how meth addicts feel like when waiting for their next fix of crack.

I am rabidly, rabidly fangirling for this drama.

Now, if only Jang Hyuk or Choi Jin Hyuk would only ask for a blow job, i would already exchange my liver for this drama.

When you’re dying to share spoilers of your favorite drama but you don’t wanna ruin it for everyone else


But then, some other know it all still does anyway

Me when the OTP looks as if they’re about to kiss one minute before the episode ends

“How's GHS' performance in Angel Eyes?”

Wayyyyy better!

I think her acting range is really more well suited for melos than that of rom coms

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“Hey ! We are a K-pop site called theoneshots(.)com. We are currently writing articles foe Drama Fever as well and would love to use some of your memes. We would credit you of course. Is that ok?”

Have not been on my blog for a super long time so this might be late but sure go ahead.

Just make sure proper credit is given.

Heaven knows my memes are all over the internet (dramafever included) so today is as good a day as any to start with doing just that.

Giving credit i mean. :)

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