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Eric gifs in Discovery of Romance (3-4/?)

Oh God! I can feel the hotness emanating from my tablet in that second gif, lord help me. *dead*

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“Kimi wa Petto with Shin Min Ah as Sumire and Kim So Hyun as Momo. The Korean movie didn't do justice to the original series. They ruined Sumire! SMA can be toughlooking-vulnerable-inside woman and KSH can be playful-mischievous-playboy-but-caring boy”

Why is it that i’m thinking more of a role reversal?

Like Kim Soo hyun being the master and Shin Minah the pet?

I may be still hungover from their roles in Star and Gumiho.

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I wish This is a Kdrama (3/?)

Star No Koi

This is my very first taste of a jdrama and it was also the drama that made me realize that one does not need a traditionally good looking male lead for one to be so into a series but a solid storyline and great acting.

The Jdrama version of Notting Hill, i’m sure a kdrama will give it the much needed upgrade to reflect the glitz and glamour of showbusiness plus the much needed emotional tug that is such an important factor of this story.

I wish They Would Cast Them

imageSong Hye Gyo as Kirishima Hikaruko

Honestly speaking, this role screams more of Jeon Ji Hyun to me than Hye Gyo but since the role is quite close to that which she played in You From Another Star, so why not have the next best thing?

After all, no one else speaks of Korean Movie Star Goddess than Hye Gyo and i guess it’s high time that she does another rom com after Full House and Worlds Within.

imageDaniel Choi as Sousuke Nakata

Because he looks believable as the average salaryman Hikaruko fell in love with and because he charmed the pants off me in Baby Faced Beauty.

I believe Hye Gyo and him also have chemistry given how he fanboyed over her in Worlds Within.

imageJung Gyu Woon as Ichikawa Ryutaro

With his model like good looks and bod, he is believable as Hye Gyo’s moviestar love team who’s been carrying the torch for her and whom she had a relationship with a long time ago in her career.

  • Friend: So tell me, what is so special about asian dramas that you like it so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this conversation?

“Where would you like to watch In Time With You K-version between SBS and tvN?”


Such a hard choice.

I want to let it have further reach since i really believe everyone should see this gem of a drama so i’d rather have it mainstream than cable, hence SBS.

However, i also want justice to be done to it’s kissing scenes and since it’s trendy, chic and modern there’s a part of me saying it’s better suited for TVN but seeing how SBS do not scrimp on the skinship with it’s okay, it’s love, i guess SBS it is!

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